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  • Are your books due? Don't worry about it.  Hang onto them.
  • Our building is closed, but we're here to help.
  • What about textbooks?
  • Only our building is closed!  We're here to help
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Library News

CONTINUITY OF LIBRARY SERVICES Classes have moved online. The Library continues to provide the level of services and support you've come to expect

ARE YOUR BOOKS DUE? Don't worry...we'll take care of it.

WHAT ABOUT TEXTBOOKS? Complicated, but we're on it. Read more....

Remote/Off-Campus access to Library Resources: We're here for you ...even when we're not here!

ONLINE COURSE RESERVES Still here, as always.

FACULTY: Scrambling to shift to online teaching? Don't miss KEEP TEACHING ONLINE!, from the center for eLearning.

FACULTY: Concerned abouut copyright considerations for online coursework? We're putting together some resources for you.

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