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Digital Design Studio RT 301

Facilities & Equipment

The Digital Design Studio Lab

Using Macs in the Digital Design Studio Lab

Located within Digital Design Studio in RT 301, the Digital Design Studio Lab provides members of the CSU community with the resources to review audiovisual media and to create effective multimedia material of their own for class presentations and projects.

The lab features Internet access, multimedia production software, language learning applications, scanners, CD and DVD recorders, and knowledgeable staff to provide assistance. The lab is open to all faculty, students, and staff with a current CSU ID. Hours for this lab may differ from regular library hours.

The MMS Lab features:

  • 15 PCs with scanners; DVD-RW/CD-RW drives; Microsoft Office; software for viewing/listening to DVDs, CDs, and multimedia on the Web; the Adobe Master Suite which includes graphic, multimedia, and Web design software; and DVD/CD recording software.
  • 10 iMacs with Microsoft Office for Mac, various language learning applications, Apple multimedia software, and the Adobe Master Suite which includes graphic, multimedia, and Web design software.
  • 10 specially configured Tandberg audio recorders and .mp3 voice recording software to facilitate foreign language learning.
  • 1 PC with DVD+/-RW drive and VHS player/converter attached
  • Equipment for review of video and audio material in a variety of formats.
  • Headphones for use with the PCs (available for checkout from the Digital Design Studio service desk)

Users may not log onto more than one computer at a time, and may not install personal software on Library PCs. Food and drink are not permitted by Library equipment. We ask that Library users observe posted signage regarding quiet study areas.

See Computers in the Library for a more complete list of available software and hardware.

Student using the Smartboard in the Presentation Practice Room

Presentation Practice Room

Faculty, staff, and students wishing to rehearse group or individual presentations for class may schedule the Presentation Practice Room for a 2 hour block by providing a current CSU ID#, a course number and instructor name. Located in RT 304 on the third floor of the Library inside the Digital Design Studio, this room is equipped with a Smart Board and PC. Additional media equipment is available upon request.

Silent Meditation Room

The Michael Schwartz Library provides currently enrolled CSU students with a room for quiet meditation, prayer, and personal reflection. The Library's Silent Meditation Room, located in RT 331, may be accessed by borrowing a key from the Digital Design Studio in RT 301. The space is available on a first-come-first-served basis and may be used by up to 5 students at a time. Students are asked to work quietly since this room is located within a silent study area, and to secure the room before returning the key.

Students interested in exploring the library's collection of religious texts may wish to look at the wide selection of materials available in the book stacks located on the library's 2nd floor. After use, all library books should be returned to a re-shelving rack. Food and drink are not permitted in the Silent Meditation room, and personal belongings should not be kept in the room while not in use.

Silent Study Rooms

Fifteen silent study rooms (carrels) are available in the Digital Design Studio to CSU students with valid CSU IDs. Key cards for them can be checked out at the Digital Design Studio service desk for 4 hours at a time.

Read more about the silent study rooms.

Skype Room

A Student in the Skype Room

Currently enrolled CSU students looking for a place to interview with potential employers in remote locations, or participate in educational projects with colleagues located off-campus, may reserve the Digital Design Studio Skype Room, located in RT 305-I.

Students with a current CSU ID may book the space and check out a key for 2 hours from the Digital Design Studio service desk in RT 301. This room contains an iMac pre-loaded with Skype and FaceTime, but students may use their own laptops if they prefer.

Student Collaboration Room

Group Project Room RT 402

Students wishing to reserve a space for class group work may schedule the Student Collaboration Room for a 2 hour block by providing a current CSU ID#, a course number and instructor name. Located in RT 402 on the fourth floor of the Library, this room seats 6 and is equipped with white boards and a large flat-panel display mounted to a conference table with laptop connections.

Writer's Lab

A view of the Writing Lab

Located in RT 302 within the Digital Design Studio, the Writer's Lab is a joint venture of the First-Year Writing Program and Michael Schwartz Library to provide additional support for students enrolled in First-Year Writing courses.

The lab's primary use is for computer-assisted classes for developmental writing students. Other writing teachers may arrange to use the lab for classes. The lab is also used to support library instruction, particularly for courses in the First-Year Writing Program.

The Writer's Lab features:

  • 25 Student PCs with Internet access, DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drives, USB ports
  • Software: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office 2007, Roxio CD Creator
  • For the instructor: SmartTouch panel, DVD/VCR deck, NetSupport School software

See Computers in the Library for a more complete list of available software and hardware.

Inside the Viewing Room

Viewing Room

The state-of-the-art film and video Viewing Room is located in RT 325, near the Digital Design Studio. The room seats up to 24 people. Classes as well as other University groups can be scheduled to use the room where they can view programs in cinema-like surroundings.

The Viewing Room features a 72" projection screen, video projector, stereo speakers, PC, DVD player, VHS player, 16mm film projector, and slide projector.

For more information about any of these facilities, contact the Digital Design Studio at (216) 687-9337.