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Ask Your Personal Librarian

Each of our librarians is a subject specialist in one or more disciplines. Think of your subject specialist as your Personal Librarian, available to help you —student or faculty — with subject-specific research and instruction. We are here to help you, so please ask us!

Just have a quick or general reference question?
Use our chat service, contact us by phone at (216) 687-5300, text us at (216) 820-9691, email us, or check our Library FAQ.

Kathryn Fisher

Kathy Fisher : Health Professions Librarian

Mandi Goodsett

Mandi Goodsett : Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian; Open Educational Resources & Copyright Advisor

Diane Kolosionek

Diane Kolosionek : Urban Affairs/Education Librarian

Marsha Miles

Marsha Miles : Assistant Director for Collections and Resource Management / Art Librarian

Theresa Nawalaniec

Theresa Nawalaniec : Sciences and Engineering Librarian

Ben Richards

Ben Richards : Business and Communication Librarian

Yuezeng Shen

Yuezeng Shen : Cataloging Librarian

Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker : Systems & Knowledge Bases Librarian

Vacant Position

VACANT : Archives/Local History/Special Collections Librarian