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Ask Your Personal Librarian

Each of our librarians is a subject specialist in one or more disciplines. Think of your subject specialist as your Personal Librarian, available to help you —student or faculty — with subject-specific research and instruction. We are here to help you, so please ask us!

Just have a quick or general reference question?
Use our chat service, contact us by phone at (216) 687-5300, text us at (216) 820-9691, email us, or check our Library FAQ.

Kathryn Fisher

Kathy Fisher : Health Professions Librarian

Mandi Goodsett

Mandi Goodsett : Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian; Open Educational Resources & Copyright Advisor

NOTE: Mandi will be on leave through the end of March, 2023.
For assistance with these subjects, please contact Diane Kolosionek, Theresa Nawalaniec, or Ben Richards, as listed in their profiles below.

Diane Kolosionek

Diane Kolosionek : Urban Affairs/Education Librarian

Marsha Miles

Marsha Miles : Assistant Director for Collections and Resource Management / Art Librarian

Theresa Nawalaniec

Theresa Nawalaniec : Sciences and Engineering Librarian

Ben Richards

Ben Richards : Business and Communication Librarian

Yuezeng Shen

Yuezeng Shen : Cataloging Librarian

Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker : Systems & Knowledge Bases Librarian

Vacant Position

VACANT : Archives/Local History/Special Collections Librarian