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Free online workshops open to all faculty, staff, and students!

All workshops take place asynchronously through Blackboard. Students who complete a workshop will receive a certificate of completion and/or a digital badge.

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Don't be a Copycat: Plagiarism 101, Part I and II
Confused about what constitutes plagiarism? Struggle with writing citations? Join us at this remedial workshop for the chance to gain the skills you need to avoid the scary consequences of plagiarism. Participants will learn what plagiarism is, gain source integration skills, and practice creating citations in MLA or APA style. The online workshop is asynchronous.
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Instructor: Mandi Goodsett
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Credly Pro Badge

Credly Pro: To receive digital badges through the library, you'll need to sign up for a Credly account first, which will earn you your first badge!

Plagiarism Police Badge

Plagiarism Police - Determine what constitutes plagiarism.

Citation  Scholar Badge

Citation Scholar - Explore why we use citations to give attribution.

Idea Integrator Badge

Idea Integrator - Integrate outside sources into your writing successfully.

Master Badge

MLA Master or APA Artisan - Use the rules of MLA or APA style to correctly cite sources.

Digital Badge FAQ

What is a digital badge?
Digital badges are micro-credentials which acknowledge learning or accomplishments that happen both in the classroom and in less formal settings, like these online workshops.
What can I do with a digital badge?
Digital badges can be displayed in online portfolios, websites, or LinkedIn profiles. See instructions for adding a badge to your LinkedIn profile.
What are the criteria for earning a digital badge?
Criteria for earning these badges can be found on the Avoiding Plagiarism Research Guide.