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Electronic Instruction Rooms & Reservations

Instruction Room 502

Electronic instruction rooms and labs are available to facilitate the use of information technology in the classroom. Priority use of these facilities is given to classes receiving instruction on the access and use of information in the Library, but faculty may also reserve them for other classes requiring technology not available in the regularly assigned classroom.

The electronic instruction rooms (RT 401 and RT 502) are equipped with 30 laptops connected to the campus wireless network, a VCR/DVD player, Smart Board, wireless keyboard and mouse. RT 401 is 20' x 45' (900 square feet) and can accommodate 30 people with tables; 36 people without tables. RT 502 is 21' x 39' (819 square feet) and accommodates up to 40 people. Both rooms are excellent lecture and presentation spaces.

The Library Computers @ Learning Commons (LCLC) on the first floor of the Library is equipped with a Smart Board, wireless keyboard and mouse, and 60 PCs that can be monitored by the instructor. The LCLC can be divided into two areas, one with 28 PCs, the other with 32 PCs.

To arrange for a Librarian to provide Library instruction in an electronic classroom, call the subject librarian for your discipline. To schedule an electronic classroom for other purposes, call (216) 687-2475. Faculty are welcome to reserve the rooms for special class sessions, but because the Library provides instruction to several hundred classes each semester, the rooms may not be booked regularly for an entire semester.