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High School Group Visits

Welcome! Though our main priority is to meet the research needs of Cleveland State University students and faculty, the Library welcomes school groups (grades 9-12), and encourages them to come for a tour or library instruction.

School groups will benefit more from the experience if they come with an an actual assignment to complete that requires use of our resources. Use of a computer lab or one of our instruction rooms as well as the services of one of our Librarians for instruction can be arranged for your visit.

Scheduling Visits:

  • All school group visits must be arranged through Diane Kolosionek, Urban Affairs/Education Librarian.
  • Use our Online Form to schedule a visit.
  • Please schedule visits at least two weeks in advance.
  • Try to avoid scheduling during peak periods of the semester which include the first three weeks of a semester and the last two weeks of a semester (see Academic Calendar).
  • Supervision of students is required — one adult should be present for every 15 students.
  • Please try to keep groups to 25 students or fewer.

Tips for a Successful Visit:

  • Contact the library well in advance.
  • Ask about services and resources the academic library is able to provide to high schools.
  • Inquire about the most convenient time to schedule the visit
  • Be aware of the library’s policies and limitations.
  • Come with a clear purpose and express that purpose to the hosting librarian.
  • Provide the librarian with a copy of the assignment and discuss the students’ needs.
  • Review the assignment students will be working on during their visit before coming to the library for instruction.
  • Consider the necessity of borrowing privileges --- Will the students really use them?
  • Prepare students for the visit by discussing how academic and school libraries differ, introducing the library’s website, and setting standards for respectful behavior.
  • Instruct students to bring their supplies – the assignment, pens, notebooks, note cards, flash drive, money for copies, printing, etc.
  • Plan things like parking and lunch ahead of time; ask about available facilities and accommodations.
  • Consider spending the day on campus; contact Admissions to schedule a campus tour or for other ideas.

For more information about scheduling your visit contact:

Diane Kolosionek
Urban Affairs/Education Librarian
(216) 802-3358