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Book Locations By Call Number

The Basics

You'll find the circulating book collection (books you can check out of the Library) shelved in the general stacks on the second, third, and fourth floors of the Library and arranged by call numbers according to the Library of Congress classification system, LC for short.

Here's a general break-down of call numbers by floor:

  • Call numbers A -HD are on the second floor.
  • Call numbers HE-L and P-Z are on the fourth floor.
  • Call numbers M - N are on the third floor.
  • Books with "XX" before the call number - these are oversized books and are shelved on the third floor following the N's.

Exceptions to the rule: When searching SCHOLAR, you may find that some books have call numbers with special prefixes added to them such as "REF" or "JUV". These materials are shelved in special areas of the Library and many may be non-circulating, meant to be used only within the Library.

A Detailed Break-Down of the LC Classification System

A: General Works
(General Stacks, 2nd Floor)

  • AE Encyclopedias
  • AI Indexes
  • AM Museums
  • AP Periodicals
  • AS Academies and learned societies
  • AY Yearbooks, almanacs, directories

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • B History & systems of philosophy
  • BC Logic
  • BD Speculative philosophy
  • BF Psychology
  • BH Aesthetics
  • BJ Ethics
  • BL Religions, mythology, rationalism
  • BM Judaism
  • BP Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy
  • BR Christianity (General)
  • BS The Bible
  • BT Doctrinal theology
  • BV Practical theology
  • BX Denominations and sects

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • CB History of civilization & culture
  • CC Archaeology (General)
  • CD Diplomatics, archives, seals
  • CE Chronology
  • CJ Numismatics
  • CN Epigraphy
  • CR Heraldry
  • CS Genealogy
  • CT Biography (General)

D: History - General & Eastern Hemisphere
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • D History (General)
  • DA Great Britain
  • DB Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
  • DC France
  • DD Germany
  • DE Mediterranean, Greco-Roman world
  • DF Greece
  • DG Italy
  • DH - DJ Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • DK Russia
  • DL Northern Europe
  • DP Spain, Portugal
  • DQ Switzerland
  • DR Eastern Europe; Turkey
  • DS Asia
  • DT Africa
  • DU Oceania, Australia, New Zealand
  • DX Gypsies

E & F: History - Western Hemisphere
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • E America (General),United States
  • F1-975 United States local history
  • F1001-1140 Canada
  • F1201-1392 Mexico
  • F1401-3799 Central and South America, the Caribbean are

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • GA Mathematical geography, cartography
  • GB Physical geography
  • GC Oceanography
  • GF Human ecology
  • GN Anthropology
  • GR Folklore
  • GT Manners and customs
  • GV Sports and recreation
  • GV1580-GV1799 Dance

H-HD: Social Sciences and Business
(General Stacks, 2nd floor)

  • H Social sciences (General)
  • HA Statistics
  • HB Economic theory
  • HC Economic history and conditions
  • HD Land, agriculture, industry

HE -HX: Social Sciences and Business (continued)
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • HE Transportation and communication
    HF Commerce
    HG Finance
    HJ Public finance
    HM Sociology
    HN Social history
    HQ Social groups; the family, marriage, women
    HS Societies and clubs
    HT Communities, classes, races
    HV Social pathology, criminology, welfare
    HX Socialism, communism, anarchism

J: Political Science
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • J Official documents
  • JA Collections and general works
  • JC Political theory
  • JF Constitutional history and administration
  • JK U.S. constitutional history
  • JS Local government
  • JV Colonization, emigration and immigration
  • JX International law, international relations

K: Law
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • NOTE: The Michael Schwartz Library does have a large collection of law materials but the majority of law related items are located in the CSU College of Law Library
  • K Law (General)
  • KF United States law
  • KFO1-599 Ohio law

L: Education
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • L Education (General)
  • LA History of education
  • LB Theory and practice
  • LC Special aspects
  • LD Individual U.S. institutions
  • LH College and school publications
  • LJ Student fraternities and societies
  • LT Textbooks (General)

M: Music
(General Stacks, 3rd floor)

  • M Music (General)
  • ML Literature of music
  • MT Music instruction and study

N: Fine Arts
(General Stacks, 3rd floor)

  • N Visual arts (General)
  • NA Architecture
  • NB Sculpture
  • NC Drawing, design, illustration
  • ND Painting
  • NE Print media
  • NK Decorative arts, applied art
  • NX Arts in general

P: Language and Literature
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • P Linguistics
  • PA Greek and Latin
  • PB Modern European languages; Celtic languages
  • PC Romance languages
  • PD Old Germanic and Scandinavian languages
  • PE English language
  • PF Dutch, Flemish, German languages
  • PG Slavic languages and literature
  • PH Finno-Ugrian and Basque languages and literature
  • PJ Middle Eastern languages and literature
  • PK Indo-Iranian languages and literature
  • PL East Asian, African, and Oceanic languages and literature
  • PM American Indian; artificial languages
  • PN Literature; literary history and collections
  • PN1993-1996 Motion Pictures
  • PQ Romance literature
  • PR English Literature
  • PS American literature
  • PT Germanic literature
  • PZ Children's literature

Q: Science
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • Q Science (General)
  • QA Mathematics
  • QB Astronomy
  • QC Physics
  • QD Chemistry
  • QE Geology
  • QH Natural history (General)
  • QK Botany
  • QL Zoology
  • QM Human anatomy
  • QP Physiology
  • QR Microbiology

R: Medicine
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • R Medicine (General)
  • RA Public aspects of medicine
  • RB Pathology
  • RC Internal medicine
  • RD Surgery
  • RE Ophthalmology
  • RF Otorhinolaryngology
  • RG Gynecology and obstetrics
  • RJ Pediatrics
  • RK Dentistry
  • RL Dermatology
  • RM Therapeutics; pharmacology
  • RS Pharmacy and materia medica
  • RT Nursing
  • RX Homeopathy
  • RZ Other systems of medicine

S: Agriculture
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • S Agriculture (General)
  • SB Plant culture
  • SD Forestry
  • SF Animal culture
  • SH Aquaculture, fisheries, fishing
  • SK Hunting

T: Technology
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

  • T Technology (General)
  • TA Engineering (General)
  • TC Hydraulic engineering
  • TD Environmental technology
  • TE Highway engineering
  • TF Railroad engineering
  • TG Bridge engineering
  • TH Building construction
  • TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • TK Electrical engineering; electronics
  • TL Motor vehicles; aeronautics; astronautics
  • TN Mining engineering; metallurgy
  • TP Chemical technology
  • TR Photography (Digital Design Studio, 3rd floor)
  • TS Manufactures
  • TT Handicrafts; arts and crafts
  • TX Home economics; cooking
  • KFO1-599 Ohio law

U: Military Science
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

V: Naval Science
(General Stacks, 4th floor)

Z: Bibliography; Library Science
(General Stacks, 4th floor)