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dataZoa — Access the World's Data

Create your free dataZoa account using your CSU email address.

With dataZoa you can access more than 200 million data series on a wide array of topics, or upload your own data. Build graphs, charts, and tables which update automatically from the primary source, then embed them in your presentation, website, or blog.

Funding for dataZoa at CSU provided by the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Guide for Using dataZoa (PDF)

Open a free dataZoa account
Access all dZ-Dot dZ-Dot supported data; follow live updating dataZoa tables, charts and data series. Combine displays and series into custom, shareable views and dashboards, export data to your favorite tools and more. Open a Free dataZoa Account.
Download a free dataZephyr
Drag data series from dataZoa tables - and all dZ-Dot dZ-Dot sites - right to your desktop for viewing, saving, analysis and crunching. Download Free DataZephyr.
Get the amazing dZ-Dot dZ-Dot
Access over 3 billion public data series for free. Drag live data to your dataZoa account and to DataZephyr. Open a Free dataZoa Account.