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Overview of JSTOR

What is JSTOR?

JSTOR is a service purchased by the Michael Schwartz Library for use by its faculty, students and staff that provides electronic access to the full text of the backfiles of selected academic journals. For current issues, check SCHOLAR or the Library's Journals at CSU.

To see exactly what JSTOR includes, you can browse through:

Connecting to JSTOR

There are several ways you can connect to JSTOR:

  1. Click on the JSTOR link in the navigation box at the top left of the page .
  2. Search the SCHOLAR catalog by author, entering JSTOR as the author's name. This will provide a list of periodical titles accessible via JSTOR. You can also perform that search by clicking here, OR
  3. Go to the JSTOR homepage by searching the word JSTOR on any Internet search engine, OR
  4. Go to the Journals at CSU to find specific journals by title. These titles are automatically linked to JSTOR.

Help with JSTOR

The JSTOR website offers tutorials on several topics for using its service.