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Rules for Use of the Library Computers @ Learning Commons (LCLC)

  1. The Library Computers @ Learning Commons (LCLC) is supported with CSU student tech fee funds and is restricted for the benefit of CSU students. Priority use of the LCLC is for instruction by librarians and faculty on the access and use of information. Other instruction by faculty will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The LCLC may not be reserved for a class for an entire semester.

  2. Students may be asked to show a valid CSU Viking Card to use the LCLC and will be required to log into a workstation, using their name and CSU ID number.

  3. Inappropriate use of the facility will result in the user being asked to leave. (see Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources)

  4. Personal conversations or cell phone usage which is disruptive in the judgment of Library staff, are prohibited in the lab.

  5. Food and drink are prohibited in the Lab.

  6. Student’s personal software cannot be loaded on LCLC computers. Students must save their work on removable media, not on the computer's hard drive.

  7. The request to use software for particular classes will be evaluated by the Library Systems department on a case-by-case basis. Faculty must make these special requests at least one week in advance of the class and must have made the appropriate licensing arrangements for the request.

  8. No student will be given permission to use the LCLC during the times that it is being used for classroom teaching. As much advance notice as possible will be given to student users when the LCLC is scheduled for use as a classroom. Shortly before any classes are scheduled to begin, students will be asked to save any work and then move to the computers in the Library Learning Commons Lab.

  9. The Library's Conduct Rules governs students and others using this lab.

Finalized 04/06/10 (library council)
Revised: 07/22/08 (library council)
Finalized: 03/25/08 (Library Council)
Revised January 30, 2008