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Rules for Use of the Assistive Technology Lab

  1. Only Students registered with the office of Disability Services and students studying assistive technology may use the Assistive Technology Lab. Students must be willing to show their Viking Cards to the lab attendant.

  2. All lab users must sign in.

  3. Students are permitted to have assistants or other students working with them in the lab but they are only permitted to use a computer independent of the student they are working with if there is a workstation available. If there is demand for the workstation they must give it up.

  4. Students may use the equipment for one hour after they have signed in. If there are no requests for the equipment, students may stay longer than one hour, but may be asked to give up a workstation if other students subsequently request access to the equipment. First, people not registered with Disability Services must give up their workstation; second, the lab monitor; third, disability services student workers; and then it’s first in first out.

  5. Personal software should not be loaded on lab computers.

  6. No student will be given permission to use the lab during the infrequent times that the lab is being used for classroom teaching. As much advance notice as possible will be given when the lab is scheduled for use as a classroom. Ask at the Tech Help Desk in the Library Learning Commons Lab for a computer with zoom-text.

  7. The lab monitor has the right to ask anyone who is not a student, staff, or faculty member at Cleveland State University to leave the lab.

  8. No one-to-one instruction regarding use of the adaptive technology can be guaranteed. If training greater than what is available in the lab is needed, students should consult the Assistive Technology Specialist for the office of Disability Services.

  9. Generally, the lab monitors will assist with setting up the equipment at the workstation, answer general computer questions, and assist with printing of hard copies of materials if the student is unable to do so independently.

  10. Cleveland State University faculty and staff may use the lab during open hours with the understanding that the primary purpose of the lab is for students with disabilities.

  11. Headphones are required for students reading audio books. There are headphones available for lab use. The headsets in the locked cabinets are only available for users of speech recognition software.

  12. All personal items are to be kept under the desk or out of the walkway.

  13. Noise is to be kept at a minimum. All phone and personal conversations should be taken out to the lobby. All lab users should be considerate of other students using the labs.

  14. The phone is for lab worker use only. Personal calls are not permitted.

  15. The Library's Conduct Policy governs students and others using this lab.

Library policy A-43 revised February 2001
Policy revised March 2008 by Assistive Technology lab
Approved June 10, 2008: Library Council