Montage: A Filmed History of the 60s and 70s with a Cleveland Perspective

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Screenshot for Seas of Sweet Water

Seas of Sweet Water (1975) - Traces the history of the Great Lakes from their discovery to the mid-twentieth century.
Narrator: Doug Adair 51:31 minutes.

Screenshot for A Sense of Life

A Sense of Life (1971) - Focuses on a group of students as they discover and appreciate the wonders of nature and their environment.
Narrator: Doug Adair 25:08 minutes.

Screenshot for The Sound of Hope

The Sound of Hope (1966) - Visits William Gargan, motion picture, television and radio actor, who was forced to retire from acting because of cancer of the larynx. Mr. Gargan speaks about his cancer and his new career as a cancer prevention spokesman.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 19:18 minutes.

Screenshot for The Teddy Bear Years

The Teddy Bear Years (1968) - Deals with the plight of five parentless children in the custody of the Cuyahoga Child Welfare Agency. Shows the childrens' group home and focuses on the importance of the live-in, group home mother and the environment she has created.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 24:09 minutes.

Screenshot for That's How It Was

That's How It Was (1971) - Describes the influence of war photographs on history and on the present time. Tells of the responsibility that photographers must undertake in the war in Vietnam.
Narrator: Leif Ancker 25:16 minutes.

Screenshot for Thursday's Child

Thursday's Child (1974) - Looks at day care problems and solutions in the greater Cleveland area. Visits several local, model day care centers.
Narrator: Doug Adair 24:25 minutes.

Screenshot for A Time to Plant: A Time to Reap

A Time to Plant: A Time to Reap (1968) - Looks at the conditions of migrant laborers, mostly Mexican-Americans, who work the farmlands from California to Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and New York. Follows the activities of FLOC, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, in Ohio.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 24:21 minutes.

Screenshot for Trapped

Trapped (1973) - Examines some of the main housing problems facing Cleveland's inner city poor: slum landlords, the small supply of suitable low cost housing stock, and racially segregated neighborhoods. Includes comments by landlords, tenants, and a lawyer. Narrator: Ann Medina 22:02 minutes.

Screenshot for Turnpike Cowboy

Turnpike Cowboy (1974) - Focuses on Bob Ink, a modern-day cowboy who has been on the rodeo circuit for seventeen years. Follows Ink and his family to rodeos in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Includes film footage of six rodeos.
Narrator: Doug Adair 23:05 minutes.

Screenshot for The Wizard of Osrin

The Wizard of Osrin (1972) - Follows the creative process of Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial cartoonist Ray Osrin in making an editorial cartoon -- from a the conception of an idea to the finished product.
Narrator: Doug Adair 24:31 minutes.

Screenshot for You Don't Need to Die

You Don't Need to Die (1970) - Examines and evaluates driver education training and the need to increase the competency of drivers as a means of reducing the highway accident toll. Includes observations by Ralph Nader and sequences filmed at a high performance driving school in California.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 53:07 minutes.

Screenshot for The Young 'uns

The Young 'uns (1967) - Examines the poverty of Appalachia and its effect on the young people of the region.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 25:11 minutes.