Montage: A Filmed History of the 60s and 70s with a Cleveland Perspective

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Screenshot for Knuckle Busters and Linen Dusters

Knuckle Busters and Linen Dusters (1967) - Chronicles the 1967 Glidden Tour of antique cars in Michigan. Includes comments of participants in this revived event.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic; 15:31 minutes.

Screenshot for Learning By Degrees

Learning By Degrees (1973) - Explores the need for vocational education in schools. Highlights some of the vocational education program at Normandy High School in Parma, Ohio.
Narrator: Doug Adair; 24:39 minutes.

Screenshot for Legacy of Life

Legacy of Life (1969) - The episode details kidney diseases and the efforts of area doctors to treat various kidney patients and highlights dialysis treatments, kidney surgery, and kidney transplant.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic; 26:10 minutes.

Screenshot for Like the Bubbles in the Wine

Like the Bubbles in the Wine (1970) - Deals with the changes and problems faced by one of Cleveland's old ethnic neighborhoods, the Buckeye Road area. Relays the fears and concerns of its Hungarian and Slovak inhabitants in the face of black integration, increased crime levels, and disintegration of the old sense of neighborhood.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 18:44 minutes.

Screenshot for Man in White

Man in White (196?) - Follows the chief resident at Philadelphia General Hospital on a two day, thirty six hour shift.
Narrator: Ray Neely 25:28 minutes.

Screenshot for The Marginal Man

The Marginal Man (197?) - Accompanies a group of Cleveland Heights High School students on a human relations retreat. A guest speaker uses a form of role playing or psychodrama to expose racist conduct and attitudes in our society.
Narrator: Doug Adair 24:20 minutes.

Screenshot for Ohio and the Presidency

Ohio and the Presidency (1966) - Examines the U.S. presidents from Ohio, William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, William McKinley, Williams Howard Taft, and William Harding. The program was filmed on location throughout Ohio at the various libraries, monuments, tombs, homestead, etc., of the presidents. Dean Donald Gavin from John Carroll University provides commentary.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 46:53 minutes.

Screenshot for One Forward Step

One Forward Step (1971) - Chronicles boys living in a group home called Beacon in Elyria, OH. Beacon serves as alternative to traditional group homes and juvenile delinquent facilities. At Beacon, residents receive group and individual therapy, vocational training, and education support in hope to rehabilitate troubled teens.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 24:55 minutes.

Screenshot for Oil From God's Bedroom

Oil From God's Bedroom (1975) - Describes the construction of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline and its' social and environmental impact on Alaska. Considers the pipeline's ultimate benefits to the United States in general and Ohio in particular.
Narrator: Scott Osborne 25:00 minutes.

Screenshot for Paul Maddox, Country Doctor

Paul Maddox, Country Doctor (1976) - Montage revisits country doctor, Paul Maddox eight years after its first program on medical practice in rural Wolfe County, Kentucky. Tells how the number of doctors in Wolfe County has risen to three and how Dr. Maddox has established a staffed clinic. Presents Dr. Maddox's plea for his colleagues to become more receptive to the public's needs.
Narrator: Doug Adair 24:39 minutes.

Screenshot for The Question of Life

The Question of Life (1974) - Follows a group of recent Jewish immigrants from Russia as they resettle in Cleveland. Facing virulent anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, these individuals left Russia for a better life in the United States.
Narrator: Doug Adair 24:33 minutes.

Screenshot for The Ravaged Earth

The Ravaged Earth (1969) - Reports on strip mining in southern Ohio and the efforts, and lack of same, to reclaim land ravaged by twenty five years of coal strip mining. Includes interviews with residents of the area, representatives of a coal company, and several conservationists, including Stewart Udall.
Narrator: Virgil Dominic 21:24 minutes.

Screenshot for The Right to Live, The Freedom to Choose

The Right to Live, The Freedom to Choose (1972) - Studies discrimination in housing and neighborhood organizations engaged in combating this discrimination in Cleveland, Akron, and Shaker Heights, Ohio, Rochester N.Y., and San Francisco.
Narrator: Doug Adair 53:09 minutes.

Screenshot for Roscoe: A Blessing in Disguise

Roscoe: A Blessing in Disguise (1975) - Visits the Coshocton Co., Ohio village of Roscoe on the old Ohio-Erie Canal. Traces the reasons for its earlier prominence, its decay, and the restoration work started there in 1968. Includes b&w historical photographs and interviews with residents. Narrator: Scott Osborne 24:05 minutes.