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Using the Library's Proxy Server

Many online journals are only available through subscriptions, which are ordered and paid for by the Michael Schwartz Library.

When you are on campus, access to electronic full text appears seamless, because the journal providers recognize your CSU IP address and let you in. When you are off campus, you may encounter barriers to full text access because you are not authenticated as a member of the CSU community.

The Library's proxy server authenticates you and overcomes those barriers to access. There are several ways to use the Library's proxy server.

In many cases, following a link from the Library's website will automatically route you through the proxy server. After providing your name, CSU ID#, and Library PIN, you will have access to full text, just as if you were on campus.

However, links obtained from Google Scholar or through publisher alerts can be problematic. To re-route these links through the Library's proxy server, you can use the Library's proxy insertion tool.

Use CSU Library Proxy
  1. With your mouse, drag the orange "Use CSU Library Proxy" button (at right) and drop it on the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

  2. You'll see a new button in your bookmarks toolbar:
Screenshot of bookmarks toolbar
  1. When you are at a web resource and you need to be recognized as a CSU Library patron, just click the button and it will automatically redirect you through the Library's proxy server.

Before clicking the "Use CSU Library Proxy" button:

URL without proxy prefix

After clicking the button:

URL with proxy code added

This will only work if the Michael Schwartz Library has a subscription to the resource. For a partial list of the Library's online resources, see our list of research databases.

About VPN: Library resource links have built-in proxy access. VPN is not necessary (or recommended) for off-campus access to library resources. If you are off-campus and having trouble getting access to an article or ebook, disconnect your VPN connection and try accessing the electronic resource again.

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