Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

December 3, 1998

In attendance: Bill Barrow, Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, Soren Hansen, John Horton, Lenore Koppel, George Lupone, Al Oberst, H. Baird Tenney, Glenda Thornton, and Henry York

H. Baird Tenney, Friends President, convened the meeting at 11:05 a.m.



Review Agenda

Welcome Glenda Thornton

H. Baird Tenney and others in the group welcomed Dr. Glenda Thornton to this important Library and to the Friends group.

Citizen of their Award

Baird told the group that Tom Flechtner accepted his "Citizen of the Year" award at the Ohio Library Councilís awards dinner in Columbus on Thursday, October 22, 1998. Tom discussed the dayís events and passed around the plaque that he received.

Book sale

Baird announced that he and Lenore Koppel brought in 2 collections of books for the book sale. Baird wants a large Book Sale sign to be put near the book sale area. He asked whether or not a one-day book sale should be held in addition to the daily book sale. Lenore mentioned that we should advertise in the campus newspaper that we need books. Tom Flechtner also reported that he picked up 7 large bags of books (trash bag size) that were left over from the Cleveland-Heights Library book sale. Glenda suggested that we put a bin on the 1st floor of the Library to encourage people to donate their used books. George Lupone reported that Barnes & Noble Bookstore would donate their unneeded books in December. Henry York said that if we held a one-day book sale, our stock for the running book sale would be depleted.

John Horton made the motion for a continuous book sale only. After some discussion from the group, Al Oberst seconded the motion. Baird called for a vote: 10 ayes, 1 abstention. Glenda said that until we have a product to sell, we should postpone this discussion. It was agreed to postpone a one-day book sale until we have more books to sell. If the continuous book sale does not make more than our average annual book sale, John Horton said that he would make-up the difference. We must advertise our daily book sale, announce that we need more books, give Library hours, and provide directions to the University.

Book Auction

Henry York reported that he received a large number of books from an estate. Many are in bad condition and many came in sets that have some missing volumes. Baird read a sampling of the titles, which includes "The Works of Goethe," v. 2-7 (Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870); and "Odyssey of Homer," v.1, 5 (Charles Rivington, London, 1709). The Friends would like to sell these books and use the money for something else. Therefore, the titles will be offered to book dealers who are invited to submit bids for the collection. Baird read a draft of a letter to the book dealers stating that the bids will be accepted only for the entire collection and the winning bidder will be notified by January 15, 1999 (moved to February 15, 1999). Glenda is concerned about making a valuation on these and other donated books. On the acknowledgement letter to the donor, the Library should note only the number of books received. After some discussion from the group, Glenda and George said they would explore creating a Library policy on this matter and report back to the group at the next meeting.

This discussion brought up the issue of the whether or not we should pay sales tax on book sale items. George reported that we are obligated to pay a sales tax. We must get a vendorís license in order to do so. George will find out what forms we need to begin the process.

Newsletter update

Baird reported that the second newsletter would include the following topics:

Cleveland Public Library Tour

Baird reported that the second Cleveland Public Library tour might not be held until the spring of 1999 (a definite date cannot be set). Ted Sande of the Restoration Society agreed to be a part of the program. Steven Litt of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Bob Madison may also be a part of the program.

Computer Users Group

Lenore reported on the Computer Users group, which draws 300-700 people to the University on the 1st of each Saturday. It seems to be a worthwhile session and a topic of interest to young people. Lenore stated that a committee from our group should be formed to see if we should consider having a presence at this event, which will help us attract more people into the Friends.

Lenore is also concerned that we have no program planned until May and we should offer more programs to our Friends. Lenore suggested that we hold a book talk in March. After some discussion, Al, Lenore, and John Horton agreed to find a speaker.

Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society

Bill Barrow reported that the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (NOBS) is looking for ways to advertise their group in Cleveland. They are not interested in making money but want to gain more visibility. Each month, the group has a dinner meeting called "NOBS Nights." Mr. Horton suggested that NOBS hold one of its meetings in the Libraryís Special Collections area. We would stress to the group that the Library is a repository for special collections. Bill will draft a letter to NOBS proposing the idea.

Goals in Fund Raising

Baird began the fund raising discussion by referring to the copy of the Miami Universityís Library newsletter article titled "Endowing the Future." He said that we should set a goal far above the book sale and membership for 1999. Glenda said we should identify certain areas into which people could contribute; the Management Team will come up with a list, breaking it down into 2 groups, "now vs. income." We have the means to establish an endowment, and at present, there are three endowment funds: Sarah Ruth Watson/Bridges $700,000; John Horton/French American Fund (60,000) and the general endowment fund ($43,000). (This item will be carried over to the next meeting.)

Web Page

Baird announced that a Friends Web page meeting was scheduled to begin after the Friends meeting and anyone who was interested could attend.

Meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 18, 1998 at 11 a.m. in Rhodes Tower, Room 502.

We Need Books!!

Please remember to bring books for the Friends book sale. If you canít attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481. Many thanks to those who have already donated books!