Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

December 2, 1999


In attendance: Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, George Lupone, Ben Shouse, Glenda Thornton, Henry York

H. Baird Tenney convened the meeting at 11:10 a.m. after an informal discussion.


Review Agenda

Added to the Agenda: Rowfant book donation

Fund Raising/Endowment Funds

Baird reported that he and Glenda Thornton met a few weeks ago and from that meeting Glenda drew up a proposal, which was distributed (see enclosure).

Endowment to the Library Glenda said that the Library needs outside support, so she will establish a Development committee. She asked the Friends president to join in the initial stages and spoke about the need to develop excellence. Ben wants to know if departments can seek funds on their own. Glenda said that she discussed this with Linda Prosak of the University Development office and was told that we could seek funds and that it would fit in with the University’s Capital Campaign. Lenore wants to work with the University to seek funds for the Library.

Glenda also handed out the Kerr Grant report (enclosed), which is a good example of something the Library can do—seek a grant from a foundation. Baird agreed to work with Glenda on this.

Baird then went over the proposal. Part of the discussion focused on forming committees, since Glenda needs library staff to work on the Development Committee. The staff may also continue to organize the Scholars & Artists Reception.

Special Collections Committee—This committee is needed to promote and support Special Collections. Al Oberst would like to be a part of the committee. Bill Barrow, Head of Special Collections, will also be on the committee. Part of this promotion will focus on the Lafayette collection and how to use it, such as through an essay competition (more about this competition further down in these minutes).

Friends Program Committee—This committee can join with the University’s bookstore, Barnes & Noble, to develop programs. Tom Flechtner said he would try to get faculty involved in this committee. The bookstore has already expressed interest in cosponsoring events with the Library.

Bylaws—The Bylaws state that the president cannot serve more than two consecutive one-year terms. However, Glenda suggested that the Friends keep Baird as Friends president. Eventually, we will want to move closer to the Bylaws, which was formed in 1988. Baird agreed to stay on in some capacity temporarily. Ben suggested that we keep the term of the president open indefinitely.

The proposal was not finalized, but gave the members an idea of the changes that will be occurring, and a fair warning—we must recruit a number of people to be part of the new elements.

A motion to establish a Special Collections Committee was discussed later in the meeting, but in the rush to adjournment was not acted upon.

Friends application form

A discussion about the changes to the brochure ensued. Library Administration will do a mock-up of new brochures. 

Ohio Library Council

Baird reported that not much happened at the OLC meeting in October.


Baird reported on the success of the November 12, 1999 Charles Chesnutt meeting. The event was mentioned in the Plain Dealer.

No future events are pending.

Lafayette Collection Report

George announced that a committee was formed to find ways to encourage greater use of the Lafayette Collection. The committee decided to have a 2000-word essay competition with 3 categories for best essays:

    1. Undergraduate Students $200 prize
    2. Graduate Students $200 prize
    3. French Students $200 prize

The goal at this point is $1,000. The Lafayette competition will be publicized through University professors, such as faculty who teach French, philosophy, and history. The essays are due in spring 2001.

The Friends of the Library are encouraged to cosponsor the competition; Baird agreed to be counted upon. Ben Shouse volunteered to give matching funds—if Friends give $250, Ben will also give $250.

The group recommended contributing $250 and asked for matching funds. Unanimously approved.

George will set up an account where funds can be deposited and Friends will be listed as the cosponsor.

Baird suggested that in addition to the essay competition, the committee should send students on a "treasure hunt" of about 15 to 20 tidbits out of the Lafayette papers so that more students will visit Special Collections and use the Lafayette Collection.

Rowfant Book Donations

Henry reported that the Rowfant Club donated 10 to 12 boxes of books to the Library (The Rowfant club gets many books from its members. A librarian sorts through them & decides which books they will keep or give away.) Most of the books the Library received were standard titles. 1/2 to 1/3 of the books were Who’s Who in America and Britain. Some of these books fit into the Library’s collection. No rare books were found. The Library took half of the books and was very pleased with what was received.

Ben invited Baird and George to come to his house to look at his collection of books, some of which the Library might be able to use.


The Friends Newsletter was reviewed. The article about Ben Shouse was pointed out.

Next Meeting

No date has been set

Meeting Adjourned at 12:25 p.m.


We still need your books for the Friends of the Library book sale. If you can’t attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481.

E-mail notices

If you are a Friends member and would like to receive notices about future meetings and events via e-mail, please contact Barbara Florjancic at b.florjancic@csuohio.edu or (216) 687-2475.