Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

November 14, 2001


In attendance: Bill Barrow, Barbara Florjancic, Jane Dugan, P. Jeffrey Ford, Delia Galvan, George Lupone, Roy Ray, Glenda Thornton, Henry York, Carol Zsulya


The meeting was convened at 3:04 p.m.





Jeffrey Ford talked about the importance of having a stronger faculty representation on the Friends of the Library.  We need a core of about 12-24 faculty members to explore Library issues and to become a source of support for the Library and for the Development office.  Glenda Thornton agreed and said the Library needs a bridge to the faculty and the Friends can help fill that role.  Jeff stressed that the Friends that should focus on "Library as a Place." There has never been a more important time to fund the Library from the outside.  We should contact individuals to support an activity. 


Jane Dugan suggested creating a Friends Lounge.  This room could be used as a place for faculty to meet informally as well as to meet with Librarians.  The room could include chairs, artwork, a copier, phones, PC, etc. All agreed that this would be a good idea. The Friends will give the Faculty an opportunity to makes suggestions about how the room could be used.


The Friends decided to find out if a Faculty Luncheon could be held in the Library in the spring.  If this is possible, the luncheon will be held on the first floor of the Library where the current periodicals will be located.  A speaker should be there to talk about a range of issues or general issues of combining information.  Pose the question to the faculty "What would you like to see in the Library?"  Roy Ray said Gary Meszaros can help us with the luncheon.  The group also discussed the possibility of having a 4th floor café.


Bill Barrow suggested that, since the Library is running out of space, perhaps the Library could take over the 3rd floor classrooms to use as a Library instruction area and a space for much needed meeting rooms.  Jeff Ford said that faculty would be interested in used that space for seminars, etc. 


Objectives in terms of fundraising were discussed:


q      4th floor lounge

q      Seminar rooms are needed

q      Creating Lounge for faculty and Students


Friends Brochures

The group discussed whether or not the Friends should print new brochures.  The group decided this would depend on whether or not the Friends could be revitalized.  The group also needs to decide what kind of membership do we need to consider the Friends revitalized.



Meeting Adjourned at 4:40 p.m.