Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

November 11, 2002


In attendance: Bill Barrow, Jane Dugan, Barbara Florjancic, P. Jeffrey Ford, Delia Galvan, George Lupone, Bill Spiker, Glenda Thornton, James Webb, Henry York, Carol Zsulya


The meeting was convened at 2:00 p.m.





Glenda Thornton passed out the Friends Review form (see attached).

Friends budget report passed around (see attached).


Bill Spiker said that the activities are on the right track.


Discussion ensued about what the friends can do from here.  Some suggestions made by the group:




Bill Spiker said all this would help--people want recognition & a specific place to give their money.  His staff will become more active with the Library.  The needs of the University Library must be defined.  We must define prospects list and funding sources--dedicated just to fundraising for the Library The Library should also continue doing the phone-a-thon and to build awareness of the Library. 


James Webb suggested a Quasi Advisory Board (Development, Library members, & elected faculty members) to determine how to raise & spend money.  Or the Friends could reconstitute faculty senate library committee to serve on the advisory board. 


A final point was made that we must recruit membership.



Meeting Adjourned at 3:15