Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

October 1, 1998

In attendance: Bill Barrow, Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, Leo Jeffres, Soren Hansen, Lenore Koppel, George Lupone, Al Oberst, Linda Prosak, Ben Shouse, and H. Baird Tenney

H. Baird Tenney, Friends President, convened the meeting at 11:06 a.m. and asked everyone present to introduce themselves.


Review Agenda

Citizen of their Award

Baird reminded the group that Tom Flechtner was named Ohio Library Council's "Citizen of the Year." Tom will accept his award at the OLC banquet in Columbus on the evening of Thursday, October 22, 1998.

Book sale

George reported that the new continuous book sale has netted, since July 1998, $533 and considers it a success. The group discussed whether or not to hold the annual book sale and decided to continue the tradition because it is a special event and it gives visibility to the Library and to the Friends. George mentioned that it would depend on the backlog of books. (As of this writing, the Library does not have enough books to hold a special one-day sale). Al Oberst mentioned that his Library throws away 4000 books after their book sale and suggested the Friends use these books. Baird asked for a leader to organize a group to pick up these books. Tom Flechtner volunteered. Al Oberst volunteered to organize the book. Almost everyone in the group volunteered to help with the book sale and a tentative date of January 27 was set. Linda Prosak said the Law Library might have books to give away (as of this writing, the Law Library does not have books for the book sale).

Scholars & Artists reception update

Tom Flechtner reported that the Scholars and Artists reception will be held on Tuesday, October 27 from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Library’s Special Collections area. Everett Cataldo, professor, Political Science, is the main speaker and the topic is "Semester Conversion; What Didn’t Happen and Why." A discussion of the transition ensued. Methods of promoting the reception were discussed. Besides the Friends, two other groups are sponsoring the event: Student Life and Alumni Affairs.

New Director

Baird announced that Dr. Glenda Thornton is the Library’s new director. She is scheduled to begin on Monday November 2. Lenore said she is open, easy to talk to and on top of university libraries. George said she will be a delight to have here and she has a very positive outlook. The Friends welcome Dr. Thornton to become a part of their group.

Newsletter update

Copies of the draft of Friends newsletter were distributed. Baird asked everyone to review it and to recommend changes. Barbara Florjancic was asked to put her name on the newsletter as editor. Lenore recommended that the color should be the same as the Friends brochure (forest green).

Baird suggested that the second issue should include a book review, the book sale promotion, a plea for books, a review the previous programs and a message from the new Library director. Lenore said we should consider timing the next newsletter to correspond to the Cleveland Public Library tour in 1999. George said that would depend on date of the tour.

Linda Prosak passed out copies of an article titled, "Endowing the Future" (see attached) found in the Miami University Libraries newsletter and recommended that the Friends consider pursuing this idea.

Cleveland Public Library Tour

Baird reported that the second Cleveland Public Library tour might be held in February or March of 1999. Marilyn Mason, the Director of CPL, will remain at the Library until the remodeling is complete. Baird will approach Ted Sande of the Restoration Society and Steven Litt of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to ask if they would like to be part of the program.

New Items

Meeting adjourned at 12:26 p.m.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 3, 1998 at 11 a.m. in Rhodes Tower, Room 502.


We Need Books!!

Please remember to bring books for the Friends book sale. If you can’t attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481. Many thanks to those who have already donated books!