Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

September 28, 2000


In attendance:Bill Barrow, Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, Lenore Koppel, George Lupone, Ben Shouse, Glenda Thornton, Carol Zsulya


The meeting was convened at 10:08 a.m.

Carol Zsulya, the Library's newest Business Librarian introduced herself to the group.



Reviewed Agenda ĖAdded 2 new items:Library Staff recognition (George Lupone) and OLC (Lenore Koppel)



Glenda Thornton reviewed the history of Development/Capital Campaign and said that the Library has added "The Renovation of the 1st floor" to Cleveland State University Library Case Statement. Glenda presented 3 framed architectural renderings of the proposed renovations (east & west views and a floor plan) and talked about the plans. The entire renovation would cost approximately $800,000.A discussion ensued about the renovation. Barbara and Carol reported on the timeline of Development:

1.       A phone-a-thon will be held one week before Scholars & Artists event in an attempt to raise funds for the Library.

2.       In November, the University's Development office plans to mail a card reminding all past donors of $100 or more that they can receive a tax break if they donate to CSU by December 31.The Library will be mentioned on the card.

3.       An Alumni Appeal will be held in February; 35,000 alumni will receive a mailing from Development asking them to contribute to either the Alumni fund, Athletics, or to the Main Library.This is the first year that the Library will be included in Development's mailing.

4.       In the spring, the Library will send out a Development newsletter "Bits, Bytes & Books (formerly Bits & Bytes).This newsletter will focus on the Library's Development plans and will be mailed to Friends, CSU faculty, emeriti, area Foundations, etc.

Ebay proposal (members received the proposal 2 weeks before the meeting)

Baird asked about the value of the books that were going to be auctioned on ebay.Glenda said that many of the books & records that are donated are worth more than 50 cents or $1, such as the books & records that were donated by Ben Shouse.A question about tax liability was asked--As with any donations of books or materials, the donor relinquishes all ownership and any money earned on that donation stays in the Library.It is up to the donor to put a valuation on the items donated.Ben made a motion to pass the ebay proposal--Tom seconded the motion.All members present voted in favor of the ebay proposal.


Nomination of Officers

Tom Flechtner and Bill Barrow reported that they weren't sure what group of people to approach to serve as officers--they needed more information about what the Friends plan to do.Baird said to keep looking and asked them to report at the next meeting.Lenore asked what we are planning for future events and Glenda passed out the Library's events/display calendar.A discussion ensued about events.Ben Shouse said we should have a membership committee; the Friends hope to develop a special membership effort under this group. Baird asked for volunteers--no one stepped forward.



Baird declared that the annual meeting will be held at Scholars & Artists event. [Later in the meeting

Baird said he will announce at the October 27th meeting that the Scholars & Artists will become the Friends annual meeting.A motion was made to make this change in the bylaws.The motion was seconded and all members present voted in favor of changing the Annual Friends meeting to the day of the Scholars & Artists Event.]


It was decided that the wording in Article VI Section 4 should be changed to:

All funds shall be deposited to the account of Cleveland State University Library Foundation and shall be disbursed as authorize by the organization's Board of Trustees.Unless earmarked for a specific purpose, all funds shall first be used to defray the expenses of this organization.All disbursements must be made in accordance with regulations of the Cleveland State University and its Library.


Also the word "libraries" shall be changed to "library" in the bylaws.


Small dollar amounts (for preexisting expenses) can be approved by the chairman rather than the committee.New requests for disbursements must go through the committee.


Lafayette Competition

George reviewed the details of the Lafayette Essay competition. So far, about $2000 has been raised for prize money. For complete information about the essay competition, visit the web site at http://www.clevelandmemory.org/lafayette/.


Book Sale report

Barbara reported that from September 1999 to August 2000, $2169 was raised at the continuous book sale.†† The Library's stock of books keeps up with the demand, but Friends are encouraged to donate books; Baird donated several boxes to the Library recently. He reported that a balance of $6,800 is in the Friends account.


Staff Recognition

George Lupone reported that for the past few years, the Library held an awards ceremony to recognize deserving staff members.The Awards Committee agreed that at future ceremonies, the staff should be recognized with some kind of monetary award such as free parking or dinner. Since the Library is a State institution, there is no budget for such an account. George asked the Friends if it could contribute between $600 and $800 to establish a pool of funds for this purpose.Lenore Koppel asked if the awards could be consonant with the role of the Library such as play tickets, concert tickets, etc.George said he would pass the question on to the committee. Baird made a motion to contribute $800 to an account that the Library will use in the coming year for the recognition of Library staff.Lenore seconded the motion.All members present voted in favor of the motion.



Lenore Koppel reported that she has served 3 years on the Ohio Library Council and has worked on other University Friends groups.At the last OLC meeting she attended, one of the agenda items was how to spend $500,000 that Drew Carey won for Ohio Libraries on "Who wants to be a Millionaire." $350,000 would be invested, and the rest would be used to establish 2 model programs for inner city youth (15 to 18 year olds).It would include the training of librarians to deal with that group, to purchase books, etc.


Scholars & Artists Reception & Annual meeting

The featured speaker at this year's Scholars & Artists event is Walter Leedy, Professor of Art, who will give a slide presentation and lecture about his collection of Cleveland postcards (see flier).There will also be a display of 1200 postcards in the Special Collections area. Tom Flechtner and Baird Tenney will give remarks and Glenda Thornton will be Master of Ceremonies.Ben Shouse talked about various artistic events that will be happening in Cleveland and he encouraged all to pay attention to music and theatre in the community.††

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Friday, October 27, 2000 at 3:00 p.m. in Special Collections (3rd floor of the Library).

Meeting Adjourned at 11:48 a.m.††



We still need your books for the Friends of the Library book sale.If you canít attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481.