Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

June 3, 1999

In attendance: Bill Barrow, Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, Soren Hansen, Lenore Koppel, George Lupone, Glenda Thornton, and Henry York

H. Baird Tenney convened the meeting at 11:00 a.m.


Review Agenda –The Friends newsletter was added

Fund Raising

A list of project proposals was distributed to the group, who discussed several items that the Friends could help fund such as preserving the Plat books, or purchasing items for Special Collections: photocopy machine, glass book cases, display cases, etc. Lenore Koppel made a motion:

Expend no more than $2500 towards, or for the purchase of, needed photocopier machine for Special Collections. The difference, if any, could be raised through Development or with an appeal.

Soren Hansen suggested that we not use our funds for operational expenses, but rather to preserve the Plat books. He asked why the Library could not purchase the photocopy machine. George Lupone explained that the Library has $35,000 to spend each year on the Special Collections area. This money has already been spent to build the new wall to create the Special Collections room, lay new carpeting, and to remove the study carrels along the other Special Collections wall. In 2 years, the Library will have enough money for operational expenses. Purchasing a copier now would be helpful because it will provide a service to the public and it would help with the preservation of materials.

After much discussion, a vote was taken: 7 in favor -- 1 abstention

The group did agree to put the preservation of the Plat books 2nd on the list of projects to pursue. In addition, our projects will be highlighted in the Friends newsletter.

On another note, Baird mentioned that the book sale signs were fine, but would like to see a sign that says "Sponsored by the Friends of the Library."

Future Events

CPL Tour—The second Cleveland Public Library tour was discussed (tentative date Thursday, September 16.) The group discussed possible programs. Baird will call Dave Williams of the Cleveland Public Library to discuss our plans.

Scholars & Artists—George Lupone suggested combining the annual Scholars & Artists event with a reception to publicize the Sacred Landmarks Collection and the Dr. Thomas Lewis Photographic collection. The group agreed, however Mrs. Lewis must be able to attend. As mentioned in the previous meeting, Dr. Lewis did a lot of photography in connection with the Sacred Landmarks group and when the Library received the Sacred Landmarks archives, included as a sub-collection was Lewis' photographic collection. It includes many beautiful photographs of local churches. After some discussion, a tentative date of Friday, October 15 was established.

Charles W. ChestnutBaird reported that on November 12 & 13, a seminar sponsored by the Western Reserve Historical Society will be held at the Rowfat club, which is near the University. They will have 4 speakers from different parts of the country and Baird thought we could have one of the speakers, author Charles W. Chestnut, on the Friends program and could also be a promotion of the Historical Society’s event. We would also like to get support from the English Dept. or Black Studies. Baird will make some phone calls and will report if this program is feasible.


Ohio Library Council

The Ohio Library Council will hold their statewide meeting in October (September 30 – October 2). Lenore discussed holding a program there, together with Miami University, that would involve University Friends groups. Glenda thought that there might not be enough time to put together a program and that perhaps a roundtable discussion could be held instead. Baird and Lenore will try to find out what kind of program is possible at this time.

Ohio Friends of the Library meeting

No one from the group was able to attend The Ohio Friends of the Library trade show on Friday, May 21 in Columbus.

PC Users Group

Baird suggested that in the Friends newsletter, we announce that the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group meets at CSU once a month. Baird brought in the section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to show an article about Bob Coppedge and the PC Users Group.


It was decided to send out the newsletter in the later part of September. Among other things, Baird would like to include a summary in the newsletter of Lenore’s book talk and also discuss the projects we would like to fund.

Meeting adjourned at 12:43 p.m.



The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 16, 1999 at 11:00 a.m. in Rhodes Tower, Room 502.


George Washington Memorabilia

If you have George Washington memorabilia that you would like to donate or lend for the George Washington commemoration in December, please contact Barbara Florjancic at (216) 687-2475 or b.florjancic@csuohio.edu


We still need your books for the Friends of the Library book sale. If you can’t attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481.

E-mail notices

If you are a Friends member and would like to receive notices about future meetings and events via e-mail, please contact Barbara Florjancic at b.florjancic@csuohio.edu or (216) 687-2475