Minutes of the CSU Friends of the Library Meeting

April 29, 1999

In attendance: Bill Barrow, Tom Flechtner, Barbara Florjancic, Lenore Koppel, George Lupone, and Glenda Thornton

Lenore P. Koppel convened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.



Review Agenda

Fund Raising

Updated copies of the "Draft Project Proposals" were distributed prior to the meeting. Glenda Thornton reported that the "Draft Project Proposal" lists several suggestions that the Friends might like to champion and items that University Development could work on with the Library. Items that the Friends select could be publicized in the Friends newsletter and on the web page. Lenore asked Glenda what she and the Library would like to have done first. Glenda said that focusing on Special Collections would have an immediate impact. These items were mentioned from the list:

Another item that the Friends might focus on would be to preserve the Library’s collection of Plat books. The next Friends meeting will include a discussion about articles that could be developed on any one of the projects for additional support from business or industry.

Past Event

Lenore thanked everyone who came to her review of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s works on April 22 and was pleased at the turn-out. Tom Flechtner announced that Lenore did a great job and everyone strongly agreed.

Future Events

Lenore reported that she, H. Baird Tenney, and Al Oberst previously discussed future events. First, Chris Sheridan of the Plain Dealer staff could discuss problems of the Cleveland school system. CSU is a major source of new teachers in Cleveland public schools and this might be a topic of interest to the faculty.

Another possible speaker mentioned was Marianne Evett who is also from the Plain Dealer. Her focus is on theater. Since Cleveland is a theater town, a talk about this topic might be a big draw. Tom Flechtner later said that these ideas were good because connections to the University exist with both the suggested speakers. Marianne Evett’s husband is the new director of the theater arts program at Cleveland State University. Also, the Friends and the College of Education (Jay Mcloughlin, Dean) could cosponsor the talk by Chris Sheridan.

The Ohio Library Council will hold their statewide meeting in October (September 30 – October 2), but they have never focused on University Friends. Two years ago, a group of people from various Ohio universities stayed behind at an OLC meeting to discuss this issue and decided that at a future OLC meeting, they should convene a meeting about University Library Friends groups. Some topics that could be discussed were:

The goal of the meeting should be to learn something and to have continuity in the field. Lenore suggested that Cleveland State and Miami University should co-sponsor the meeting. Lenore opened-up the suggestions for discussion. Tom Flechtner and Glenda Thornton agreed that it was a good idea and that it should be pursued one step at a time. Lenore stated that she would call Fran Haley to see if it can be put on the agenda for the October meeting, then she will get in touch with Miami University (subsequently, a letter from the Ohio Friends offers opportunity to cooperate on meeting in Dayton on Friday 0ct. 1).

Lenore also suggested that one of the Friends members should go the Ohio Friends of the Library meeting at their trade show on Friday, May 21 in Columbus. Tom Flechtner agreed to go.

Fall events that were discussed:

Also, Tom Flechtner suggested the Friends could host a reception here to publicize the Sacred Landmarks Collection and the Dr. Thomas Lewis Photographic collection. Dr. Lewis did a lot of photography in connection with the Sacred Landmarks group and when the Library received the Sacred Landmarks archives, included as a sub-collection was Lewis' photographic collection. It includes many beautiful photographs of local churches. Several program ideas were discussed.

Lenore will call Bob Coppedge who is part of the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group to find out if the Friends could become involved. This could be one way of reaching students.

The book sale and NOBS nights were discussed briefly.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 3 at 11:00 a.m. in Rhodes Tower, Room 502. As usual, coffee and tea will be provided.



Donate your used books

Please remember to bring books for the Friends book sale. If you can’t attend the meeting or would like to make arrangements for pick-up, please call Lisa Russell at (216) 687-2481. Thanks again to those who have already donated books!