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The Common Reading Experience 2007/2008

What is the Common Reading Experience?

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Cleveland State University first year students enrolled in ASC 101 Introduction to University Life will join in a common reading experience with thousands of other American college students this fall. The goal of this common reading program is to create a shared learning experience that fosters student engagement, retention, and personal development beyond the classroom.

CSU Freshman reading THE CURIOUS INCIDENT...

The book chosen for this year’s pilot program is Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, whose main character is a mathematically-gifted autistic teenager. A committee of faculty, librarians, and administrators chose the book based on its relationship to issues and topics that cut across difference disciplines (Special Education, Communication, Diversity, Psychology, Art, Mathematics, Science, Speech and Language, Social Work, etc.) as well as issues of individual and family experiences.

Participation in this common reading experience is not limited to just the Introduction to University Life students. All members of the University community are encouraged to read the book and participate in activities that will be announced during the year.

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